Friday 22 March 2013


A Comic Strip Parody of the 20th Century Fox Science Fiction blockbuster Prometheus directed by Ridley Scott, formatted in the style of MAD Magazine and legendary artist Mort Drucker. This is free non-profit entertainment under the terms of "Fair use" and no offense or infringement is intended. 

Alternative title: WHY?  Why indeed. 

2012 saw the arrival  of Prometheus,  prequel (of sorts) to Ridley Scott's own classic Alien. It was a huge success but not without controversy, polarising option of fans and critics alike. It was certainly the most discussed film of 2012, debated in print, on the internet, in fan forums, and in e-mails between myself and friends. Essays of opinion were written on the film! It was a film that demanded comment, and with that, inevitable parody.

In the absence of an official parody strip, this fan effort was created and dedicated to those it affectionately mocks.  I hope you like it. It's Free! 

-Artist and Writer Mark Harrison

About this strip: 

I assumed MAD would have latched onto Prometheus like the proverbial facehugger given it's obvious potential for parody, but was surprised to see it had passed them by. With the encouragement of friends, born out of cathartic need and our seemingly endless debate on the film,  I decided to do my own version of a MAD magazine strip.  I wanted it to look authentic, not just in the writing (keeping the American references, humor) and copying the strip format and art style of Mort Drucker (one of my art heroes) but also the paper texture and the worn fade look of the inks. I worked entirely in PhotoShop, customising brushes and actions to create a traditional pen and ink wash look. After many weekends of work, what started out as a joking promise ended up as what you see here. Hopefully it strikes the right MAD magazine tone of being mildly amusing and irreverent but not cruel and abusive. 

Aside from my obvious affection for MAD and the art of Mort Drucker, I do (believe it or not) have an amount of respect for those involved in the making of the film. At the risk of undermining the humor, Ridley Scott is one of my favorite directors (principally for two of my favorite films; Alien and Blade Runner).  I think the cast are very good actors, (especially Charlize Theron!)  The concept art and design of the film is excellent. The directing is mercifully free of camera shake, edit-fu and lens flares. The story is…  the story is…. errr …see parody! 

(The strip has been broken up into thirds for easier, monitor friendly display)

Originally intended for magazine double page spread display PDF

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